cut-e launches new ‘combined benchmark report’ which matches a candidate’s abilities against any job

September 20, 2016 Aon's Assessment Solutions

cut-e, the international talent measurement and assessment specialist, has created a new ‘combined benchmark report’ which makes recruitment easier by showing how closely each candidate’s abilities match the requirements of any existing or future job.

“Every job requires specific knowledge, skills and abilities and involves specific activities and tasks,” said Dr Achim Preuss, Managing Director of cut-e. “Employers can now choose specific ability tests which will suit any job requirement and they’ll get a single, validated report that exactly matches the candidate’s results to the attributes and behaviours that are needed in the job. This makes it much easier to assess each candidate.”

cut-e has 30 different scales ability tests which cover verbal and numerical abilities, abstract logical abilities, special knowledge/skills and specific cognitive abilities such as reaction speed, multi-tasking capability and short-term memory. These tests are available in 25 languages and each lasts a maximum of 15 minutes.

Each scales test generates an individual candidate report electronically. These reports comprehensively evaluate the candidate’s test results and benchmark them against a comparison group, to show that person’s performance in context. cut-e’s new ‘combined’ report amalgamates all of a candidate’s scales test results into one all-inclusive report, making it easier to analyse and interpret their test results.

“Instead of having to go through a different report for each ability test, you can now get all the information you need to make a decision from one place,” said Dr Preuss. “For example, if the characteristics and requirements of a role can be assessed with our numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, inductive-logical thinking and multi-tasking capability tests, all of the test results will be combined into one report for each candidate - and this will provide a ‘match score’ for that candidate against the specific role. What’s more, all of our scales benchmark reports can be generated in any language - you’re not restricted to the language in which the tests were taken. This is particularly beneficial for employers who test candidates across different countries.”

More details about cut-e’s scales ability and aptitude tests are available at

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