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The Times Special Report: Future of Work

December 7, 2020 Aon's Assessment Solutions

The Power of 'and' Fuels the Future of Work

The pandemic has meant companies have had to confront the future of work, but they are finding agile decision-making can only be achieved if grounded in the right data.

In May, 80% of HR leaders reported they were seeing a mix of office and virtual working as the new working model. However, 4/5 survey respondents also reported they didn’t understand the capabilities of their workforce.

86% of survey respondents say a diverse workforce is key to building an agile workforce.

By analyzing data and workforce capabilities together, companies can solve workforce issues in a more meaningful way - that's the power of 'and'.

“The future of work can only be a nebulous concept when you lack the data on which to base decisions.”

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