The Safety Equation: Influencing the "Human Factor"

November 20, 2019 Aon's Assessment Solutions

The wave of expansion facing the aviation sector will test and stress every single component of the industry and every system within the industry. So says, Andy O'Shea, Chairman of Aircrew Training Policy Group.

Talent Assessment Helps Understand the Human Factors in Aviation

Andy O'Shea says that it is essential that talent assessment tools are used during hiring to make sure that the right, best-fit people are coming into the industry.

He goes on to say in this short video that aviation companies are then able to analyze and understand what the person is bringing to the company and the role.  It is not just useful when recruiting pilots, but also across ground-operations, in-flight cabin crew and even those working on the commercial aspects of the business.

Andy continues by explaining that by understanding more about the human, and therefore  controlling the nature of the human coming into the aviation work system improves and influences the human factor with regard to safety.

If aviation companies are able to positively influence the human factor in the safety equation, then this will be, Andy O'Shea sums up, very virtuous for the aviation industry.

The statistics show that 80% of incidents and accidents across all departments in the aviation industry are caused by humans1.

If aviation companies are able to improve efficiency and drive savings, this can lead to more investment and better products for everybody involved.

But it's not enough to rely just on assessments.

Online Assessment in Pilot Selection

Whilst talent assessment tools are valuable, on their own, they show part of the picture.

Andy O'Shea says that airlines need to understand that, to get the right people in, especially for the flight deck, companies need to have a selection process. These include interviews, group exercises and in particular, exposure to practical exercises in a simple or advanced simulator. Such a process helps to ensure a high conversion rate from trained pilot, to a very safe airline pilot.

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