These Macro Trends Are Impacting Aviation

January 9, 2020 David Barrett

Hear from David Barrett as he shares the 5 macro talent trends taking place across the Aviation Sector

As with many sectors, the aviation industry is witnessing a shortage of strong talent, forecasted growth and the need to retain skills and knowledge in-house. David Barrett summarizes the 5 talent trends he sees in the aviation sector.

Attracting more – and more diverse - people to train as pilots

With only 5% of the pilot workforce made up of women, there is a drive to attract more women into pilot, engineering and technical roles. It means companies are putting in place programs to drive this forward to get people from currently underrepresented groups to apply for roles. This also includes recruiting from different ethnic groups.

Educating potential applicants by giving a realistic view of a role

Plenty of work is being done in giving a realistic insight into the roles that the aviation sector offers. Realistic Job Previews offer a mix of education about the role and an assessment of the degree of fit between potential applicant and the job.

Retaining Talent

To meet the need for more pilots in a growing sector, two of the biggest challenges are how to retain pilots and to up-skill and promote them from experienced first-officers to taking command positions.

Measuring and retaining customers

The emphasis on customer-centricity witnessed in the telco and retail sectors is taking hold in the airline sector. Businesses are interrogating the metrics they have around their customers to influence their plans.

Building the skill sets needed for the workforce of the future

Airlines have always been pioneers around e-commerce but typically they are not seen by talent in the external market as technology companies. However, as more revenue is generated through partner affiliations and links with the likes of hotels, car rentals, and other retail companies, their need for strong digital talent is increasing. This will feature heavily in the talent strategies of airlines.

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About the Author

David Barrett

David Barrett is the Chief Commercial Officer of Aon's Assessment Solutions and is a business-focused occupational psychologist. David is a recognized global expert in online assessment, recruitment, talent and human resources technology. He leads the company’s professional advisory and commercial teams across 35 countries and was cut-e’s Chief Operating Officer when the cut-e Group was acquired by Aon plc in 2017. Aon's Assessment Solutions undertake 30 million assessments each year in 90 countries and 40 languages.

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