The Role of Digital Technologies in Hiring

November 20, 2019 Aon's Assessment Solutions

It Depends by Much on the Question, 'What Would You Like to Gain through Using Technology?'

Would you like to save costs? Would you like to be more efficient? Do you want to concentrate on standardization? Or do you actually want the machine to hire your people? That's a big variety of possibilities to use technology.

Caryn Edmondson, Manager Personnel Diagnostics at Lufthansa Technik, says: "I think we all agree that technology already plays a big role in pre-assessment phases, in recruiting. And when companies already use this in sifting through large numbers of applications and I think the results are very reliable.

But when it comes to face-to-face assessment, there are different ways of using technology. You can do a face-to-face interview or you can do a skype interview, using technology there or you can ask the candidate to upload a video of himself and analyze it afterwards to your assessment, or you can actually let a computer analyze the language, the speech, the content of the video. These are very many fields where already digital technology is being used."

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