Two Talent Challenges Facing the Aviation Sector: Differentiation and Broadening the Talent Pool

November 21, 2019 Howard Grosvenor

Hear from Howard Grosvenor as he outlines how aviation companies can differentiate themselves through their hiring processes.

Aviation companies recognize that one of the challenges in a crowded talent market is how to differentiate themselves from the competition.

This can be helped by:

  • Building a well-thought through and executed candidate attraction strategy.
  • Developing a more tailored and joined-up candidate experience that not only harnesses the power of new technologies offering convenience to the candidate but also builds stronger engagement with the hiring organization.

A big trend in aviation today is about how to attract candidates, and how to build a really powerful brand and proposition. What we see in the talent space is aviation organizations doing that through creating a unique, joined-up experience for their candidates, using new technologies, making things convenient for their candidates, as well.

That's for sure a big trend - how do you actually differentiate yourself, make yourself unique as an aviation organization?

An opportunity in aviation talent for most aviation companies is to think about how they broaden the candidate pool that they go to and help some of those candidates from areas that they might not necessarily look into to understand how they might fit in to aviation roles or into the aviation space in general.

One way that one might do that is through some straightforward assessment where potential candidates who might not consider aviation can understand how they might fit into a part of that business and how it's going to give them something that's going to be fulfilling and motivating and enjoyable for them.

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About the Author

Howard Grosvenor

Howard Grosvenor is an experienced HPC-registered Chartered Occupational Psychologist with almost 20 years industry experience designing, implementing and leading talent management and assessment projects for clients large and small. On joining Aon’s Assessment Solutions (formerly cut-e), Howard ran the UK business for 6-years, ensuring projects were delivered to the highest standards of professional practice and putting in place the infrastructure for a skilled, pragmatic and professional consulting team. His current role spans global markets, where he is involved in key large-scale strategic projects, and also maximising client value in the new Aon-integrated business.

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