cut-e launches a cutting-edge test of safety for drivers and machine operators

The cut-e Group, the world leader in the design and implementation of innovative online tests for use by HR decision-makers, launches an innovative online test to help identify drivers and machine operators with the characteristics to perform their role safely.

Dr Achim Preuss, founder and Product Director of the cut-e Group, comments, “Those who drive vehicles and operate machines as a job need to have a higher level of safety responsibility than most other people. After all, any mistake can potentially injure themselves or others, damage machinery or the reputation of the company. Due to the high level of responsibility, and therefore risk, we believe that selecting for roles such as forklift operators and truck drivers, industrial machine operators or electrical power line installers or repairers - a very specific type of test which looks as these safety aspects is needed.”  

The Drivers Suite developed by cut-e contains five highly face valid tests but these can be used in isolation or in any combination. They focus on the ability needed to operate safely such as the level of vigilance and information processing someone is capable of and inclined to do. All tests have a realistic look and feel with dashboards, traffic signs and other elements that make them relevant to the jobs.

Dr Preuss continues, “These tests are quite different to others on the market and within a few minutes our clients are able to understand whether a person has the characteristics to operate safely – and therefore reduce the risk of accidents. It’s not about whether someone knows the rules or procedures - it’s about their disposition and abilities that significantly lower the likelihood for accidents in the workplace. These tests can also be used alongside another cut-e assessment which looks at integrity – to give an entire picture of a person.”

About cut-e

The Drivers Suite is designed for use in logistics and transport industries, as well as engineering, manufacturing or any other organisation in which machinery is operated. For more information about the Drivers Suite, please visit the website –

cut-e Group is the world leader in the design and implementation of innovative online tests and questionnaires for recruitment, selection and development. We help companies identify people with the right capabilities and cultural fit to deliver optimal business results and over 4 million people each year are assessed using our tools throughout 70 countries and across 40 languages.
Founded in 2002 by Dr Achim Preuss and Andreas Lohff, the company is based in Hamburg, Germany and now has a presence in 27 countries. cut-e counts a large number of leading employers amongst its clients, including Audi, Barclays, Boeing, BP, Burger King, Carlsberg, Colgate, Dell, Lufthansa,, Ricoh, Siemens, Starwood Hotels & Resorts and Volkswagen.

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