Predicting Safe Behavior in the Aviation Industry

February 17, 2020 Aon's Assessment Solutions

At our Global Aviation summit, Andy O’Shea of the ATPG reported that 70% of accidents and incidents within aviation companies are due to human factors.

To minimize risk, safety must be at the very heart of every role within the industry; from those on the ground, to those in the sky.

Digital talent assessment of risk-related behavior can identify those most likely to be a safety risk in the following areas:

Vigilance and mechanical detail
For those working to maintain aircraft, key behavioral characteristics are needed; vigilance, attention to detail, rule following… Behavioral assessments together with ability and skill-based tools can help identify those most suited to these roles.

Attention to detail and urgency
Dispatchers and ground team working on plane loads and baggage handling need to understand their roles, attend to the detail, be able to plan and adapt, and have a sense of urgency whilst still upholding the rules.

Get it wrong, and safety can be compromised. These behavioral characteristics can all be assessed early in the hiring process; online and on a mobile.

Our research with railway dispatchers show that incidents can be halved by hiring those with a stronger set of safety competencies and abilities.

Concentration and adherence to instructions
For those working in roles which require significant concentration and focus, behavioral assessment can highlight those with the behaviors to succeed in this role. Think of air traffic controllers and the behaviors they need.

Driving Safely
For those in driving roles such as those driving in the ground ops teams, accidents, however small, have significant costs.
Wouldn’t it be valuable to have the ability to identify candidates who are most likely to drive and behave safely once hired? Our Drivers suite of assessments does this – and its scores predict the likelihood of accident involvement in drivers. You can read more about this here

Our research has also shown that using our assessment can help cut truck driver accidents by 60% and injury rates cut from 14.4% to 4.5% in just the first year.

Improving safety cuts accidents and incidents, reduces injury and cuts cost. If you would like to learn more about how Aon’s Assessment Solutions help predict safety, send us a short note.

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