Internal Talent: Identifying Your Leaders for the Digital Future

January 15, 2021 Aon's Assessment Solutions

Hiring talent into your business with the abilities, capabilities and behaviors that match the needs of your firm is commonplace. Competency frameworks and job profiles help recruiters understand what is required from new hires. Talent assessment, assessment centers and structured competency-based interviews deliver the means to gauge this in candidates.

But what of current employees? How do firms understand their current talent’s profile and know who has the characteristics to lead in the future?

What Got Us Here Will Not Take Us There

Leadership skills and styles have changed – and will continue to change. Leaders capable of embracing the opportunities offered by digital transformation are essential. Companies need leaders to be unfazed by constant change.

In Aon’s digital readiness survey, we learned that 61% of organizations do not know how to spot digital talent. Indeed, only 35% say that their organization has processes in place to make decisions quickly about digital potential.

What Type of Leaders do Organizations Need?

To drive leadership change, organizations need to define future (or the ‘new better’) profiles and to activate development assessment centers to kick-start the development journey.

One Aon client has been examining how to identify the high-potential talent it contains within the firm. The intention is to ask these individuals to join its two-year development program which is focused on future leaders.

Future Leader

As a firm, it understands that its future leaders need to possess:

  • A growth mindset – a belief that one’s abilities, knowledge and skills can always be developed and the learning process is just as important as the outcome.
  • A set of digitally-ready and future-ready behaviors – agility, curiosity and learnability.
  • A strong focus on problem-solving and decision-making skills – the ability to connect disparate ideas, navigate complexity and reason well.

Identifying people with this profile is now possible through a series of Aon’s immersive, objective, online talent assessments that have been mapped onto the company’s value and competency framework. In other words, by knowing what is needed of the future leader, the assessment process has been designed by Aon to spot this in the firm’s current talent pool.

Furthermore, by setting up a study analysing the assessment scores of those already known to be high potential and those known to be of more average performance, the company has proved that the assessments are able to differentiate and identify those with high potential.

Future Leaders to Drive Business Growth and Encourage the Development of Future Behaviors

However, the value of assessment data on the current workforce goes beyond the selection of the strongest talent. In-depth reports provide a valuable source of information for participants. These help them develop awareness of their strengths, feeding into the creation of their own development plan and career path. This, in turn, helps them to become more informed and aware of what the organization needs to succeed in the future and, as leaders, what needs to be developed in others.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you spot those with high potential in your organization.


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