The Future of Work: How to Create a More Diverse and Inclusive Workforce

February 10, 2021 Aon's Assessment Solutions

A recent survey by Aon asked over 1,600 HR leaders what they considered to be the most important factors when defining the future of work. Nearly eight out of ten recognized that improving diversity and inclusion is essential to their work in defining the future of work in their organization.

What action do organizations need to be taking?

An article in the recent The Times Special Report on the future of work, highlighted the “five most common mistakes” that an organization makes when embarking on a project to further improve diversity and inclusion.

Number one on the list was not changing the way an organization approaches talent attraction and failing to adapt how it hires and recruits. It might make little attempt to widen the applicant pool by going outside of its typical reach – or may not rethink its candidate-attraction messages or make a plan how to hire those with different backgrounds, experiences or perspectives.

We have written about this before, highlighting some ways in which organizations can improve diversity and inclusion using talent assessment.  We share our expertise and experiences of working with organizations as they revisit their talent attraction and selection processes.

Attract a More Diverse Talent Pool

We have helped a global public services provider to redesign its selection process onto its graduate program. The provider realized that the best candidates for its future business were not found on specific courses at specific universities. Instead, they are found in those individuals who share the organization’s values and those behaviors needed to succeed. Rethinking this and translating it into the organization’s attraction program has meant that it casts its net wide, attracts a more diverse candidate pool and measures each candidate against its own organizational values. The result is a more diverse cohort ready to contribute fresh and new ideas to take the business forward.

Identify Future Skills Objectively Through Assessment

One of our clients is a company focused on transforming online grocery shopping through cutting-edge technology and automation. It understands the need to hire today those who will become leaders of the future. It knows it needs talent with agility, curiosity, learnability and adaptability rather than specific qualifications. They need future leaders who can navigate the changes ahead without knowing now what those changes will be. Talent assessment and AI-supported video interviewing pinpoint those skills in candidates – and do this objectively without human interviewer bias creeping in.

Help Candidates Decide Which Training Program Best Suits Their Skillsets

We have also worked with a global technology business keen to help its candidates select their most suitable training program. The firm has developed a careers navigator tool for school leavers. This is an assessment that explores an individual’s behaviors, personality and interests. A matching algorithm evaluates the fit between the individual and the firm’s training programs, highlighting where they best fit – thereby creating a more inclusive talent pool.

What Next?

You can read the full article from The Times report to learn more about the pitfalls to avoid when embarking on a diversity program.

Contact us to talk about how to increase the diversity of your talent pool.

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