Detecting Who Is Going to Innovate

May 10, 2019 Katharina Lochner

"There are instruments for measuring cognitive ability and personality in unsupervised
online settings using automated scoring. However, to date, creativity tests have mostly
required supervised settings and always a trained evaluator. Training evaluators takes
time and, even if there are two or more evaluators per test, it will still mean that there is a certain amount of subjectivity involved. Moreover, evaluation usually takes about
ten minutes per test, so evaluating 100 tests will take over 16 hours, assuming there is
only one evaluator per test. This is time-consuming and expensive.
Thus, the aim of the three studies presented here was to develop an online
creativity test that uses a fully automated scoring algorithm and that is optimised
for unsupervised settings."

About the Author

Katharina Lochner

Dr Katharina Lochner is the former research director for the cut-e Group which was acquired by Aon in 2017. Katharina is now a researcher and lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Europe in Iserlohn, Germany. In her role at cut-e, she applied the research in organizational and work psychology to real-world assessment practice. She has a strong expertise in the construction and evaluation of online psychometric tools.

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