The Times Special Report: Diversity & Inclusion

January 30, 2019

“Selecting people like yourself leads to the same type of people across the organisation,” says David Barrett, chief commercial officer at Aon's Assessment Solutions.

Having Diversity is a Necessity

Diversity and equality enrich societies and cultivate prosperity. Diverse perspectives that share a common purpose can drive innovation and growth for companies and economics all over the world.

This special report includes the following articles:

  • Firm obsessing over 'culture fit' need a shake-up
  • Five things inclusive leaders to differently
  • Business must do more to tackle transphobia
  • The true cost of unpaid fashion internships
  • Banking on a place to belong
  • Diversity dividened
  • Outdated language still a major barrier to inclusion
  • Reaping rewards of a diverse workforce
  • Neurodiverse workers are untapped talent
  • Machine intelligence takes bias out of hiring
  • What can The Open University do for you?
  • Bursting the filter bubble

Read Aon's article "Machine intelligence takes the bias out of hiring" to learn how you can use AI to diversify your workforce. Other articles in this report cover topics such as culture-fit, leadership and diversity, social mobility, diversity in social media and many more.

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