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February 7, 2020 Aon's Assessment Solutions

What Is Assessment Essentials?

Assessment Essentials is a six-part webinar series that offers short, insightful tutorials around the most important topics of talent assessment. This series is right for you if you are a talent acquisition professional looking to understand the most important HR topics.

Aon experts will explain fundamental HR topics in an easy-to-understand, hands-on tutorial. You will receive accompanying material in an email to further dive into the individual topics. One of our sessions, for example, deals with the benefits of diversity recruiting. Our experts answer questions: Why should you have a diversity management strategy in place? How can you recruit diverse talent?

We also have a session on finding providers for online assessments. Many talent acquisition professionals struggle with finding a vendor that is the right fit for them. While assessments have to engage candidates, they also need to be valid and robust. We are listing the most important aspects to look out for when choosing a supplier for candidate assessments.

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Aon creates smart measurement solutions with valid and innovative online assessment products. Aon is globally the preferred partner for organisations who demand the best.

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