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Aviation Webinar Series: Episode 2 - Where Next for your Employer Brand and Value Proposition?

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Aviation has always had a unique set of attractions and challenges in the context of talent marketing.
There are powerful agendas at play in terms of demographics, diversity, digital business, quality of work, environmental impact and a multitude of other factors. We explore how airlines and the wider industry compete for talent now and going forward.

Aon’s David Barrett hosts this discussion alongside Mark Duffy, deputy director HR, head of talent at Ryanair, Raj Raghavan, senior vice president and head of human resources at IndiGo and Suzanne Courtney, strategic consulting and aviation expert at Aon's Assessment Solutions.

In this episode, we explore how airlines and the wider industry compete for talent now and going forward.

Looking Beyond the Here and Now
For those working for aviation-related businesses, life has been severely disrupted. Furloughs, redundancies, core salary cuts and changing terms and conditions. But what of the future? What does the industry have to offer potential employees and candidates of the future?
Before the pandemic hit, hiring was fierce. The industry had seen year-on-year growth for the previous 10 years and there was predicted continued growth. Recruitment teams were busy.
And now?
Despite the freezing of pilot and cabin crew hiring programs, hiring for IT professionals is still proceeding. The panel members comment that they believe recruitment in general will grow in two to three years – and we should look beyond the current troubles.

Digital Transformation of the Industry Shapes Future Hires
In some countries, aviation is still perceived as a sector that hires only pilots and cabin crew. However, this perception is changing. New disruptors in the market, the need for digital transformation and the hiring of non-aviation senior talent mean that IT, engineering and technical professions are in demand. People within those professions are attracted to the opportunities. The shift in and expansion of customer-facing digital technologies have meant that customers and potential applicants see the investment in IT. This is an important message to convey.

The EVP has Moved on
Aviation now offers more opportunities to those working with digital technologies. As a sector, it offers innovation, a focus on the customer and an analytical environment in which decisions are made on the data and information available. It is fast-paced and a sector in which each individual can make their mark. And yet, aviation has not traditionally attracted strong IT talent. This has forced some airlines to refocus their EVP messaging.

The panel discusses the misperception of the industry and the outdated focus on travel and shift work and disruption to home life. Those starting out in careers are more interested in a good work/life balance. The challenge of achieving a good balance has been laid down to the industry.

Recent changes in working patterns (due to the pandemic) have opened new doors. Working from home was always perceived as not possible for the sector – and clearly there are many jobs which cannot be completed from a home office. For others though, the past few months have shown an increase in productivity and demonstrated that such working is feasible. A number of companies have rethought their compensation and location strategies to enable more flexibility and a greater quality of life.

Future of Work is More Individual
Working from home may be suitable to some roles and will form an increasingly important element of the offer to potential applicants. However, it is important to remember that, even if it is possible to work from home, not everyone is best suited to working this way. Some crave the social interaction of the office rather than the quiet focus of working at home.

Perks of the Job Need to be Communicated
Travel remains the biggest perk of working within the aviation industry. And yet, for some companies, this must be reemphasized and shared through a refreshed internal comms strategy.

Farming Internally will be the Way Forward
The panel discusses its desire to grow its own talent for promotion from within. So, while new pilots may be hired from training schools, there needs to be a clear, fast, promotional path for them to reach the rank of captain - rather than hiring from outside.

Encouraging Future Talent to Consider Aviation
As a sector, aviation has plenty to offer. The challenge is to share this with those who are not a part of the industry. The panel talks through initiatives to encourage young girls to think about becoming a pilot. It discusses ways to help IT professionals view aviation as an option. The panel looks at a way for engineers to see their future innovations being a part of the aviation industry.

It is clear that the industry has plenty to offer. The challenge is to communicate this. Watch the full discussion now.

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