Handbook - Why Behavior at Work Matters

December 19, 2019 Aon's Assessment Solutions

There is a saying that goes: “We hire for skills, we fire for personality.” However, what if we could reliably hire for personality at the start? And what if we could leverage personality in identifying and developing high-potential candidates in an existing workforce?

When you list your organization’s most important resources, your people come out on top. They are the secret to maintaining the momentum and propelling your organization into the future. But how much do you really know about the people on your team? Probably not much.

Your workforce is likely to be composed of a large number of individuals, each with their own goals, priorities and quirks. Getting to know your people puts you ahead, and personality assessments allow you to do just that.

This handbook gives insights why behavior at work matters, including:

  • The right behaviors for success.
  • The power of the right match, regarding both present and future.
  • Embracing an organizations' core values and why they need to be supplemented with concrete behavioral examples.
  • How technology can help to accurately and reliably assess behavior.
  • Why assessment solutions are also an opportunity to counteract bias.

Learn more about bringing your organizations forward with online assessment, behavioral and personality testing and the newest trends in assessment.

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