How to Conduct a Business Impact Study

Best Practice Guidelines for Validating Your Assessments and Proving Business Value

A business impact study provides specific evidence that the assessments that your are using in your organisation - and the data you generate and the conclusions you make - are valid and reliable. It enables you to demonstrate the direct impact and value of assessment in your business, and it will prove that you are achieving a return on your investment.

When you recruit and develop employees at all levels - based on a validated behavioural model that highlights exactly what it takes to succeed in each role - you can transform the performance of your organisation.

This guide offers advice on why a business impacts study could be useful, different types of studies, pros and cons, first steps, criteria for the study and the interpretation of results.

Did You Know?

Business impact studies can help you prove that you are using the right assessments - and show that your are achieving a return on investment.

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