2018 Talent Acquisition Study

Eight Strategic Priorities for Talent Acquisition Teams Across Asia-Pacific and the Middle East

More than any other factor, the success of your business depends on the people you employ. Not your products or services, not your strategy; it’s all about your people.

Talent acquisition teams in today’s organizations are endeavoring to succeed in hyper-competitive markets, in the face of critical skills gaps and digital disruption.

This report is designed to help. It reveals the key business and talent acquisition challenges facing employers across Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. Eight practical insights are provided – as well as best practice guidelines – to help you achieve greater business success through your people.

Our study examines all aspects of the talent acquisition process, from understanding your talent gaps and building your employer brand to strategically sourcing new employees. We cover the importance of the candidate experience and the role of technology-enabled assessments and effective interviewing. We also focus on employee engagement and talent analytics.

Read this white paper to find out more about the following insights:

  • Understand your talent gaps and which skills will have the greatest impact.
  • Build your employer brand.
  • Strategically source your new employees.
  • Create a superior candidate experience.
  • Deploy technology-enabled assessments.
  • Meet the interviewing challenge.
  • Engagement equals high performance.
  • Use technology and analytics to enhance your talent processes.

Learn more about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it can empower your recruitment team.

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