HRIS and ATS Integration: Expertise and Experience

Implementing Online Assessment with HRIS and ATS to Create a Seamless Candidate Experience

Having an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) or HRIS (HR Information System) to support recruitment and HR needs is commonplace. The argument for their resource savings, accuracy of data and candidate experience has been won. Now it is important to integrate online assessments used within recruitment and post-hire situations with these systems.

Two significant factors drive the desire by organizations for a seamless integration between deployed ATS and assessment systems. These are the increasing importance of the candidate experience and the inherent standardization of HR processes that such integration provides.

Recruiting organizations recognize the significance and impact that their recruitment processes and candidate experience have on their employer brand and positioning.

Candidates want to join a company with professional, organized, transparent and relevant selection process and, at each touch point, connect with the business. As such, companies want to offer candidate self-registration or application within the same system as their online assessment. They also want this to reflect corporate branding, livery, language and process.

From an internal perspective, integrating online assessment with other IT systems allows the defined recruitment process to progress without the need for manual intervention. Candidates are invited to complete and submit tests (based on defined criteria) and managers are able to access test results as needed.

Read the whole white paper to learn how to ensure a seamless candidate experience through the technical integration of your recruitment software.

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