Leveraging Assessments to Build an Agile Workforce at a Worldwide Investment Bank

Adapting to a changed environment - transforming into an agile company

Financial services consumers have high expectations for products that can meet their needs in real time. A worldwide investment bank needed to change the way its technology team worked to be able to swiftly bring new products and services to market.

To remain competitive, this global leader was looking to transition to a more agile, skilled and responsive workforce built for today’s fast-paced financial environment and demanding consumer.

The investment bank decided to work with Aon's assessments to assess, coach and transition its existing workforce into agile capabilities and roles.

Major challenge: One of the biggest challenges was communicating to employees and demonstrating that we were investing in our people.

Solution: Building a strategic development center & constant listening.

The Outcome: 92% of employees took training actions - assessments that result in an agile workforce - leveraging the power of predictive talent analytics.

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