Webinar: The New Era of Retail at IKEA

Learn how IKEA let customer behaviors shape their new success profile for retail leaders, and learnt that it is possible, and even fun, to assess 100% virtually!

The world around is changing, and so is IKEA. To support the shifting business model and customer behaviors, IKEA will prepare and equip their leaders for the new retail landscape. In this webinar, IKEA’s Global Talent Leader Marie Olson Brown gives us the inspiring insights of how IKEA embraced change, collaborated with Aon, and came up with a three-step plan.

Step 1. Where Do We Want to Be?

It started by identifying a success profile to understand the abilities required from a successful retail leader of tomorrow. Led by the changing customer behaviors, IKEA found the answer to what kind of leadership will cater for customer satisfaction in the new retail reality.

Step 2. Where Are We?

Approximately 400 retail leaders were assessed against the IKEA success profile. The first 200 leaders met up face-to-face, but COVID-19 pushed IKEA to renew and improve, and they developed a new virtual development center solution together with Aon. Something thought to be impossible before, but was proven not only a success but also a fun experience!

Step 3. How Wo We Get There?

With the gathered insights it was possible to create a learning offer where the leaders had the opportunity to create their own tailormade development journey and close any gaps to the success profile. Creating a better IKEA today and tomorrow!

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