Recruiting Sales Stars

Eight Steps to Identify, Recruit and Retain High-performing Sales Executives

Good salespeople are the lifeblood of any business. However, retailers, financial services firms and other employers that rely on front-line customer interactions know that finding and hiring sales stars is far from easy.

Sales stars are confident, fast-talking extroverts who have the ability to convince customers to buy. Others are more introverted and their customers tend to be well-informed and prefer to deal with a thoughtful individual who can guide their final purchase decision.

The qualities that will make someone a sales star in your business ultimately depend on what you are selling and the values of your organization. In other words, some candidates in your applicant pool will be more suited to selling in your organization than others. The question is: Can you spot them?

This is more important than you may realize. Studies show that high-performing salespeople will:

  • Sell 10 times more than low performers.
  • Deliver nine times more profit than low performers.
  • Bring in 36 percent more revenue than low performers.
  • Achieve 23 percent higher sales margins than low performers.
  • Stay with the business four times longer than low performers.

Read this white paper to find out how to spot sales stars!

Learn more about Aon's experience in the sales sector and results we achieved with clients.

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