New Report Highlights the Growth of Psychometric Assessment in Hungary

August 29, 2016 Aon's Assessment Solutions

Hungarian employers are increasingly using psychometric assessments to select and develop their staff, according to a new report published by the international talent measurement and assessment specialist Aon's Assessment Solutions.

Part of a wider study on the use of assessment across 14 countries, the Hungary Assessment Barometer highlights the key trends in assessment in Hungary, offering insights into its role and value. The report reveals that 43% of Hungarian employers now use ability tests, assessment centres, motivation tests and personality and values questionnaires to screen new managers, professional staff and graduates. 360-degree feedback is also widely used to support the development and promotion of staff.

“The use of assessment is growing in Hungary because employers want to quickly and reliably predict which candidates will be successful in the role, so they can reduce the risk of making a bad selection decision,” said Roman Kurnický, Managing Director of Aon's Assessment Solutions Danube. “They also want to remove unconscious bias from their selection processes, and assessments offer a way to recruit fairly and objectively."

The biggest obstacle to using assessment in Hungary has been the perceived cost. “It is easy to say that assessment is expensive, as the costs are easily visible, but the cost of bad hiring decisions and inefficient or ineffective selection processes can be much higher,” said Roman Kurnický. “Suppliers have a duty to help their clients get the maximum value from their assessments - and to provide an engaging ‘candidate experience’ to all users. However, some suppliers are not delivering this. For employers, this highlights the ever-increasing need to choose their assessment partner with care.”

In Hungary, recruitment metrics have traditionally focused on the cost and time involved in hiring staff but the trend now is to move from collecting data to analysing data. 37% of HR, recruitment and talent practitioners in Hungary now run data analysis projects.

“In the past, a candidate’s assessment results would ‘sit in a drawer’ once he or she had been appointed,” said Roman Kurnický. “Now, there’s a growing demand to integrate assessment data with HR information systems to create ‘predictive analytics’ which can be accessed, analysed and interpreted in new ways. This can help employers make better talent decisions and demonstrate the link between their talent initiatives and the performance of the organisation.”

The new study shows that value for money is the most important consideration for clients when choosing an assessment supplier.

“HR teams want a cost effective partner with a strong reputation and the ability to deliver added value,” said Roman Kurnický. “Understandably, HR teams place great importance on the quality and validity of the assessment instruments. Increasingly, they want to be sure that the tests they are using are founded on evidence-based research and are acceptable to candidates. Larger organisations also want to be sure that their supplier can support the volumes of data needed for multinational projects. They also want guarantees about data protection and data security.”

Aon’s Assessment Solutions is part of Aon’s global Human Capital business, helping clients achieve sustainable growth by driving business performance through people performance. Aon’s Assessment Solutions undertakes 30 million assessments each year in 90 countries and 40 languages.

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