12 Experts from Aon’s Assessment Solutions will Present at SIOP 2018

12 experts from Aon’s Assessment Solutions group will participate in 17 different symposia, debates, panel discussions and poster sessions at the SIOP 2018 Conference (19-21 April, Chicago).

The 33rd annual conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology will highlight the latest developments in psychological research, theory and practice. The three-day event will include symposia, roundtables, panel discussions, poster sessions, debates and master tutorials.

In a multi-presenter symposium session entitled ‘Taking simulations mobile: the challenges, best practice and what’s next?’ (Saturday 21 April, 1.30pm, Sheraton 1), Richard Justenhoven from Aon will be joined by Eleni Lobene of Aon Hewitt, Amie Lawrence of Select International and Lei Qin from Shaker. Each expert will present individually before taking part in a combined, interactive panel discussion, chaired by Tara McClure Johnson of Aon Hewitt and Charles Handler from Rocket-Hire.

“The use of simulations dates back to the 1940s when the US military began creating them for personnel selection,” explained Richard Justenhoven of Aon’s Assessment Solutions. “Since then, simulations have proved to be a robust assessment methodology and innovations in technology have enabled engaging, media-rich simulations. When you combine this with the increasing use of mobile devices in the selection process, it creates an opportunity for innovative and effective assessment. That’s why mobile assessment simulation is one of 2018’s top three topics in the I/O world. This session will explain how shorter, more immersive mobile assessments - with media-rich, realistic simulations - can engage top talent and attract a more diverse candidate pool. The session will showcase new thinking in this area, as well as highlighting what the future holds. Each panellist will share how their organisation approaches mobile simulations and we’ll then discuss the key learning points. We all have differing perspectives on this issue so this promises to be a lively and interesting discussion and debate.”

At SIOP 2018, nine other experts from Aon’s Assessment Solutions - Seymour Adler; Anthony Boyce; John Capman; Jennifer Cavanaugh; Rachel Dreibelbis; Sarah Foster; Nicholas Martin; Brian Ruggeberg and Evan Theys - will participate in 16 other symposia, debates, panel discussions and poster sessions. These sessions will cover a broad range of issues including: the future of work; the future of testing; the ethics of modern assessments; adverse impact; critical experiences for internships; making data count; innovations in leadership assessment; norms and personality; game-based assessment; mobile cognitive testing; competency modelling; behavioural data and a person-centred approach to personality assessment.

The SIOP 2018 Conference will be held at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Chicago, Illinois, on 19-21 April.

The 12 experts from Aon’s Assessment Solutions group who are presenting at SIOP 2018 are:

  • Seymour Adler (debate: The Future of Work: Bright or Bleak?; debate: Are Modern Assessments Ethical?)
  • Anthony Boyce (panel discussion: The Future of Testing and Assessments)
  • John Capman (symposium: Adverse Impact Analysis: The Who, What, When, How and Why; poster: Engagement Contagion: A Path from Leaders to their Team)
  • Jennifer Cavanaugh (panel discussion: Critical Experiences for Internships)
  • Rachel Dreibelbis (poster: Make that Data Count: Exploring Overlooked Behaviour in Multimedia Simulations)
  • Sarah Foster (panel discussion: Built to Last: Innovations in Large-Scale Leadership Assessment and Development)
  • Tara Johnson (symposium and panel discussion: Taking Simulations Mobile: Challenges, Best Practices & What’s Next)
  • Richard Justenhoven (symposium and panel discussion: Taking Simulations Mobile: Challenges, Best Practices & What’s Next
  • Eleni Lobene (featured session: Navigating a Meaningful I/O Career: Insights from Award Winners; symposium and panel discussion: Taking Simulations Mobile: Challenges, Best Practices & What’s Next)
  • Nicholas Martin (interactive alternative session: Norms and Personality; panel discussion: Make Assessment Boring Again: Have Game-Based Assessments Become Too Much Fun?; symposium: Mobile First Design: The Key to Effective Mobile cognitive Testing?)
  • Brian Ruggeberg (debate: Is Competency Modelling Flawed?; SIOP alliance session: High Performance Work Practices Across the Globe)
  • Evan Theys (poster: Wading into Deep Waters: Exploring the Utility of Behavioural Data in Simulated Work Environments; poster: A Person-Centred Approach to Personality Assessment in the Workplace)

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