Improved Selection Enables Higher Sales Revenue at Sunglass Hut

August 16, 2019 Aon's Assessment Solutions

Hiring better quality retail associates
in order to grow the business.

With 350 Sunglass Hut stores and 1,800 employees, of whom 70% were casual and often seasonal, Sunglass Hut had an employee turnover of around 55% for retail associates and 30% for store managers. With an average store size of six employees, such a high turnover of staff impacts
rosters, staffing levels and, potentially, sales. On average, the time it took to fill a position had been around 20-25 days, causing concern for hiring managers.
Sunglass Hut recruits over 700 hires per year from over 70,000 applications, resulting in the need to identify great talent from the immense application pool – without overlooking high-calibre applicants.

Read this case study to find out how Sunglass Hut improved candidate experience, increased quality of hire and implemented a Situational Judgment Test.

If you find this case study interesting, make sure to read the long version, too!


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