The Elements of a Great Candidate Experience

Candidate Experience: Your Brand Enhancer

Did You Know?
46% of candidates have a poor application experience.

If you have tried to hire in the past year, you have likely experienced the war for talent firsthand. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate in the United States is holding steady below 5 percent, and many states are seeing historical lows. Global numbers are a little higher, but even the International Labour Organization's 2016 number of 8.6 percent in the European Union and 4.3 percent in the East Asia and Pacific region indicate that finding talent is an issue employers around the world are facing.

Candidates know they have options in this competitive environment, and they have high expectations. And yet employers often fail to meet those expectation. Almost half (46%) of candidates rate their experience as poor or very poor when applying for jobs at organizations. Top candidates - who can have their pick of employers - are going to use their pre-hire experience in their decision of where to work.

The problem is they are coming away from job applications with a sense that hiring organizations are out-of-touch and outdated, and simply are not interested in investing in them. Further, they may walk away having no real idea of what the job even involved.

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