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January 15, 2019 Aon's Assessment Solutions

How to Attract and Assess High-Quality Talent

Attracting and Assessing High-quality Talent Fairly Across the Region

A rapid and planned expansion meant an effective and efficient recruitment program was essential. The senior manager was responsible for attracting and hiring all the staff, from flight crew and engineering maintenance staff to cabin crew and all commercial and support services personnel.

"The challenge for us was not only to identify high-quality talent but also to find aviation specialists. We knew we must look beyond our region. We knew we needed to have a far-reaching and robust recruiting process. However, it must be exciting and attract candidates, helping us become the employer of choice."

Senior manager for recruitment

Traditionally, job vacancies were posted on job boards and websites. CVs were received from applicants and managed by the recruiting team via spreadsheets. This was a laborious, non-standardized and sometimes subjective process that could lead to talent being overlooked.

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