Creating a Fun and Engaging Candidate Experience at easyJet

November 12, 2019

Aon built an engaging digital assessment process for easyjet, that is relevant to the role, predicts performance and is fun to complete, too.

A big trend in aviation today is about how to attract candidates and how to build a really powerful brand and proposition and what we see in the talent space is aviation organizations doing that through creating a unique, joined-up experience for their candidates, using new technologies, making things convenient for their candidates, as well. So, that's for sure a big trend - how do you actually differentiate yourself, make yourself unique as an aviation organization?

One of the projects I've been working on recently is with easyJet for their cabin crew. It's a series of assessments that they need to do because they absolutely predict performance in the workplace. It is getting them through each stage and we've put some animations together that actually makes it really exciting, feels a bit gamey, but the science is behind it, as well. So, all in all, candidates are happy and the hiring managers are happy. So, that's exactly what you want from a recruitment process.

A fun and engaging assessment process is important to easyJet, because that's what all candidates expect. We need to make sure that our candidates are engaged in our processes while also having a fun time doing it. If we don't, they'll go to our competition. We need to differentiate our processes, such that they really engage in our organization, they get to learn a little bit about what it's like coming through easyJet's processes, and ultimately having a fantastic time doing so.
The benefits we get from a great candidate experience is that we have the right people joining our business. We ultimately will have the best possible candidates experiencing the assessment process in the most engaging way and therefore we are hiring the best people and ultimately the right people into our organization.

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Creating an Engaging Candidate Experience at easyJet
Creating an Engaging Candidate Experience at easyJet

Aon built an engaging digital assessment process as both employers and candidates want something that is re...


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