easyJet Case Study: Creating an Engaging Candidate Experience

September 17, 2019 Aon's Assessment Solutions

For easyJet, identifying the best-fit candidates for its cabin crew role is critical. Cabin crew members are the face in the air of the airline, focused on the safety of and service to the passengers. 

Any candidate assessment needs to be clearly relevant to the role, predict performance and be fun to complete

This short video showcases easyJet's innovative and candidate-centric assessment, built by Aon. 

In the assessment, candidates watch an animated video that replicates a check-in and flight process. At key points in the video, candidates are asked to complete assessments which are included at relevant points in the 'story'.

The in-built assessments include a personality questionnaire, ability tests and a situational judgement measure. The results give easyJet an insight into each candidate. 

Face validity and robust science-based psychometrics are essential to easyJet for their hiring assessment. This 'fun' story is entirely built and branded for easyJet and helps to differentiate the company in a busy talent market. 

We've used a modern and contemporary look and feel, moving on from the traditional, staged visuals you may have seen before. But this is not a game. It is quick to complete but backed up by proven psychometrics.

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