easyJet: Designing a Fun, Engaging and Proven Assessment Process for Cabin Crew

November 12, 2019 Aon's Assessment Solutions

Hear from easyJet in this short video about how it has created an engaging hiring and assessment process.

Howard Grosvenor introduces this video by saying that aviation companies can use their hiring process to reinforce their employer brand. It is important, he argues, for companies to provide an assessment process which offers a unique and joined-up experience for their candidates, that makes use of new technologies and is convenient for the candidates.

easyJet is a great example of this.

You will hear from Christopher Murphy the Recruitment Manager for easyJet’s cabin crew as he talks through and shows the new “fun and engaging” cabin crew assessment process. The embedding of the assessment within the easyJet story helps to differentiate easyJet from its competitors and engages with applicants even before hire. It means that easyJet offers a great candidate experience which supports the corporate brand but also makes sure that the right people join the business understanding the role.

Amber Harris, the senior relationship manager at Aon working with easyJet also explains that the specific series of assessments used by easyJet have been proven to predict job performance of its cabin crew members.

Learn more about how Aon works with organizations in the aviation sector.

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