The Three Most Important Talent Issues in the Future of Aviation

November 20, 2019

Suzanne Courtney, European Growth Director at Aon's Assessment Solutions - So, for the future of assessment in the aviation industry, I think there are three things to think about. It's a really broad topic. The first thing is around assessment for attraction. So we need to  attract lots more talent when it comes to, say anyone in tech or digital roles, but also even females in pilot roles and males also in cabin crew roles. So, in terms of assessment, we need things that sit upfront before someone applies to engage, attract, and also to let people know what the opportunities are available to them that align to their interest, their motivations, but also their capabilities.
Secondly, when it comes to development, we need to think about, do we have the right leaders in place to lead during a time of high and rapid digital technology changes? If we look at the types of behavioral models that are in place, we sometimes don't have the types of skills and behaviors that are critical to drive positive change for leaders to keep people engaged, keep them motivated, keep them thriving. What we need to have a look at are things around learnability, looking at behaviors like curiosity and agility. We know these things are key to keeping both leaders and the workforce engaged and productive. On leadership level, as well, we need people who can virtualized teams successfully, engage in digital communication. Globalization has had a massive impact on our leaders and our workforce.
And finally, I think we need to have a look at the talent we have internally. So, the aviation market is now at a place where they're looking for talent and they're looking for a digital tech-talent and they're really hard jobs and roles to fill and they have lots of talent internally in roles that are changing due to automation. And actually lots of these people have transferable skills and what we can do is look at those who have transferable skills, who are at risk of automation and move them and retrain them into roles that are new and emerging, where actually they can have a significant positive impact.

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