What Potential Employees Want from Aviation Employers

November 20, 2019

Petter Hornfeldt from Mentour 360 - So what do employees or potential employees want from their employers, then? That's a great question. And actually, I think it's changing. Back in the day there was a lot of thinking about the travelling benefits and being away, seeing the whole world. What I am getting from my viewers on my YouTube channel now, is that they are actually much more into stability and work-life-balance and also, obviously there is a huge disparative when it comes to male versus females. So, we have a problem in the business at the moment, where 95% of the employees are male and only 5% are female and we need to do something about that. So, in order for us to be good employers, in order to get the female employees in and also the male to a certain extent. We need to start looking into, first of all, informing at an early stage that there is a possibility for girls to become pilots or engineers, as well. But also we need to start looking into providing them with stable patterns, predictability in their work so that they know, you know, they will probably working on some weekends, on some holidays but they need to know when that is so they can plan their life. This is something that is going to become increasingly important. When it comes to getting, attracting females into the industry we need to look into things like for example maternity leave and the fact that, women cannot fly from the day that they are deemed to be pregnant until the finish of their maternity leave which could be as long as two years. So, in order to not have a negative effect on their careers we as airline employers are going to have to look into how to do that. And that's one of the things we need to do in order to attract females. The other thing is, like I said in the beginning, to go in and inform them at an early stage that this is a possibility and they should be looking into this because we need them.

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