Integrity Assessment Factsheet

February 21, 2019 Aon's Assessment Solutions

What Makes squares Special?

Can one predict who is going to cause the company embarrassment, steal or damage company property or be involved in a corruption scandal? Can an amoral cash investment by an investment banker or the illegal sale of a CD with sensitive data by a programmer be traced back to one common denominator?

Being able to predict counterproductive work behaviors is of great practical importance in order to save enormous costs.

Predicting counterproductive work behavior is a new way to add additional value to assessments. Absence from work, fraud or dangerous conduct causes a lot of damage. squares is a new online questionnaire which not only considers the person but also their situation. The items describe behavior rather than traits and this allows the prediction of counterproductive behavior without stigmatizing those scoring low on the questionnaire.

Read our white paper "Encouraging Diversity Through Fairness in Assessment" to learn more about talent assessment.

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