Compensation Checklists That Will Prepare Your HR Team for Year-End

October 15, 2018 Aon

It may seem like you're going through the motions during the times in the calendar year when things get really busy. But before you know it, 2019 will be here without so much as a warning. That's why these fall months are a great opportunity to allow yourself time to take a step back and evaluate whether you have the processes in place to make your compensation program truly stand out. For most businesses, it's time to get ready for year-end decision making.


Our rewards experts have compiled these four checklists to help you evaluate what needs to be accomplished before the year ends so you can close out the year strong and position your company for success in 2019.


Broad-Based Compensation Checklist: Have you looked at your pay and performance distribution curve? Do you have the appropriate data resources on hand to make informed decisions? Do you know how your total rewards programs stack up to the market, particularly when it comes to certain hot jobs? Do your managers effectively communicate pay decisions to employees? Leverage the tips in this checklist compiled by our broad-based compensation experts to turbocharge your employee rewards strategy. DOWNLOAD THE CHECKLIST


Global Compensation Checklist: Do you know what the labor landscape is like for the countries you have a presence in? Have you tapped into local colleagues in various global markets to understand what's going on in local markets? Is your country watch list up to date? Have you reviewed the current state of your global LTI policy so you can make necessary adjustments? Our global rewards experts compiled this checklist so you can plan ahead for 2019. DOWNLOAD THE CHECKLIST


Executive Compensation Checklist:  Have you checked to see whether new competitors have popped up in the last year? Are you auditing your equity incentive plans? Have you started preparing for next year's proxy disclosure? You can’t afford to wait until the last minute in the current governance environment. Our executive compensation experts prepared this checklist so you can be well on your way to closing out the year strong. DOWNLOAD THE CHECKLIST


Proxy Checklist: As you de-brief and work through all the information released from the 2018 proxy season, now is the time to consider what it could mean for 2019 so you can understand where your priorities lie moving forward. Have you taken the time to understand the changing landscape, including regulatory matters, hot topics for investors, and any proxy advisor policy changes? Are you looking at peer groups to benchmark and understand where gaps exist? Our experts have compiled this checklist so you can get ready for the 2019 proxy season with confidence. DOWNLOAD THE CHECKLIST


Aon's experienced compensation team is here to help if your team needs any extra support or to get you the timely survey data you need to remain competitive and make the right compensation decisions. To learn more about any of our surveys or if you have specific questions for our compensation experts, please contact us now.

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