Creating a Digital HR Strategy for the Workforce of the Future

To ensure a successful workforce of the future, companies need to create a digital HR strategy that unites jobs, people and rewards. We live in the digital age, where the nature of business and work is shifting. No one is immune to these fundamental changes. Companies in traditional industries are now rapidly morphing into technology and service companies to keep up. As a result, businesses are competing for a finite group of in-demand talent with skills that are essential to compete in a digitally-enabled world. This change directly impacts human capital leaders who now need to contend with a growing array of people and business risks associated with digital transformation.

At Aon, we help clients design the workforces of the future in the following ways: identifying the jobs they’ll need, evaluating the skills and talent required to fill those jobs, and designing compelling rewards programs to attract, retain and motivate employees in the digital age. 

To learn more about empowering your workforce in the digital age, watch our video above.

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