The Implications of the Rapid Airline Industry Expansion on Safety and Talent

November 20, 2019

Andy O'Shea, Chairman at Aircrew Training Policy Group (ATPG) on Safety and Talent

It is so important for the industry, every aspect of the industry, now that we come against this enormous wave of expansion. That is going to stress every single component of the industry and every system within the industry.

Online Assessment

It's essentials that we use the type of tools that Aon have developed to make sure that the right people are coming into the industry. And if we do that, if we analyze and understand what the human is coming into the system and of course the human is endemic in the system. Not just about pilots, which is my background, but across ground-operations, in-flight cabin crew, even commercial. Knowing who the human is and controlling the nature of the human coming into the system can definitely improve and influence the human factor in safety.

Safety in the Aviation Sector

Of course safety is cost, so if we can influence in a positive way the human factor in the safety equation, we'll definitely be doing something very virtuous for the aviation industry.

The statistics show that 70% of incidents and accidents across all departments in the aviation industry are caused by humans.

The eventual analysis refers to the human factor. So if we can improve that, we'd improve efficiency and drive savings and that can lead to more investment and better products for everybody involved.

Going One Step Further

It's not enough just to rely on assessments. The assessment tools, that Aon are producing are fantastic but on their own, they show part of the picture. So airlines need to understand, that to get the right people in, especially in the cockpit, is that you have to have a selection process.

Now we've seen that selection processes, which include interviews, group exercises and in particular, exposure to practical exercises in a simple or advanced simulator, they can be the most effective and make sure that you get the conversion of a trained pilot from a legal point of view into a really safe airline pilot.

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