How to Succeed with Virtual Assessments

April 14, 2020 Della Rath

Recorded during the period of working from home on March 31st, 2020.

Natasha Preocanin, Managing Director from In-house Recruitment interviews Della Rath from Aon’s Assessment Solutions about the challenges that talent acquisition professionals are currently facing during these times of change and uncertainty.

Della shares how, during these unprecedented times, Aon has been working with clients to enable them to continue to engage with candidates.

She explains how clients have moved quickly into assessing candidates in the virtual online space thereby helping to mitigate the need for an in-person interview while also preserving the integrity of the assessment process.

Work with clients has included moving to online behavioral, work styles questionnaires and cognitive ability tests as well as taking the assessment center exercises online into a paperless setting using the Aon virtual assessment center technology. It means that the candidates access the same material that they would at an assessment day and either record their responses in the system or feedback to an assessor via video. One-way or asynchronous interviews are also held via the Aon video assessment system on which interviewees record responses to pre-set questions.

Della compares these virtual assessments to those in-person events and also shares how one client got up and running quickly to fulfill its commitment to assessing 80 candidates. She also offers some tips on how to get started with moving an assessment to the virtual space.

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About the Author

Della Rath

Organisational psychologist specialising in assessment delivery, creation and development. International experience delivering selection, internal development and assessment projects to promote potential and diversity. Responsible for the delivery of large-scale projects at Aon’s Assessment Solutions, consulting on best practice, people analytics and the holistic use of people data to drive business and talent strategies.

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