Pilot Shortage: What Do Potential Pilots Look for in an Employer?

November 20, 2019 Aon's Assessment Solutions

Those interested in a career within the aviation industry are now more interested in a healthy work-life balance rather than the opportunities for travel. Hear what aviation commentator Petter Hornfeldt thinks aviation employers need to do.

Traditionally, those applying to be pilots were attracted to the opportunities for travel and the seemingly glamorous lifestyle.  But now, according to Petter Hornfeldt of Mentour 360, potential pilots are now more interested in employment stability and work-life balance.

What does this mean for airlines as they seek to attract more diverse talent into the profession?

At a time when only 5% of pilots are women and pilot numbers need to rise to accommodate the predicted growth in the sector, more needs to be done to attract not just women, but people from a far more diverse talent pool.

Hornfeldt suggests three areas that would help.

  1. Encourage young girls to think about being a pilot. We need to make sure young girls understand that they can become pilots or engineers.
  2. Offer greater stability and predictability in working patterns. Aviation companies need to offer pilots and other aviation-related roles with more stable working patterns and predictability in their work so that they can plan their lives outside of work.
  3. Manage pregnancy and maternity leave so return to work is straightforward. Organizations must manage pregnancy and maternity leave of its women pilots. As women cannot fly from the day they are confirmed as being pregnant until the end of their maternity leave which could be as long as two years, organizations need to find a way to manage this to avoid there being any negative effect on women’s careers.  

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