Proving the Business Impact of Talent Assessment

The benefits of conducting talent assessments can be felt throughout an organization, and this can be proven for the smallest organizations to the largest enterprises. Deployed strategically, assessments can strengthen your employer brand, enhance your candidate experience, and improve the quality of your talent pipeline.

Those goals are lofty, and they can sometimes feel a bit fuzzy, especially to business leaders outside of HR. As you’re considering how to communicate the business impact of talent assessments, look for ways to tie them to measurable business goals.

Here are just some of the tangible benefits of talent assessment that can help your organization reach its goals.

  • Increased efficiency in hiring. Assessments reduce time to hire and cost per hire by streamlining the process and empowering recruiters to identify the best fit candidates quickly. Fewer interviews and less time spent with candidates that don’t fit, add up to precious time freed up to complete other tasks.
  • Increased productivity and performance. If employees are matched with roles that fit their skills, they are more productive, they are more content and on average, they stay longer. Retaining talent also lowers costs because it reduces the time and effort spent on recruiting and training new hires to get them up to speed.
  • Reduced bias. As employers seek to increase diversity, using talent assessments can take bias out of the selection and hiring processes by establishing a standard, objective process.

Here are three steps to proving the impact of your assessment process.

1. Establish What “Good” Looks Like

An honest conversation needs to happen to determine the challenges your business is facing. Understand that different groups within the organization have different priorities, and focus on the organization’s biggest pain points. What “good” looks like can be very different even for similar companies depending on their goals.

Take the hospitality industry for example. One brand might choose to focus on catering to the special needs and requests of their customers, while another brand might choose to focus on being hip and trendy and provide local experiences. Both have pain points, but the focus is different, and therefore the way we measure success for their assessment and selection process needs to be different too.

2. Select the Right Metrics to Track

You can use a variety of metrics to prove the business impact of talent assessment. Prioritize and choose the right metrics to prove the business impact for your organization.

To return to the hospitality example, the first brand, focused on catering to the special needs and requests of their customers might choose to track customer satisfaction ratings over time. Whereas, sales per hour is likely a more important metric to track for a retail company. Although there’s countless metrics you could track, it’s important to focus on those that have the most direct impact on your business’ goals.

3. Tell a Meaningful Story

You have to tailor your story to focus on the impact on different areas of the business. Each function has its own metrics that can be looked at and can tell a story. An organization also has an overall story to tell and using an assessment process to help ascertain fit and doing a business impact study can help determine its success.

Talent assessments aren’t just about demonstrating benefits for HR – the overall goal is achieving business results.

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