Streamlining Assessment to Demonstrate ROI at Ericsson

Increasing the Quality of Assessment while Lowering the Cost

Ericsson is no stranger to competencies and assessment. Core competencies are known and embedded across the organization by managers and employees, and assessments already play a core part of talent processes. The challenge is not about introducing the concept of competency and how to assess, but about streamlining assessments.

Ova Schulze, Head of Organizational Development at Ericsson, comments:

“We draw on a wide variety of different assessments for key roles within Ericsson, some of which are used across the business, and others in a more local capacity. There is a large variation in terms of design, application, quality, the resources needed to deliver and the cost to us.”

The demand for assessment from the business has increased. However, the huge variation in how this was carried out across the company had led to inefficiencies in some areas. As Ova comments:

“We needed to find a balance between the cost of purchase and implementation and the return we, as a company, derive from this. We had seen examples of some assessment situations in which we were over-staffed and over-resourced. The aim for us was to carry out a thorough review and streamline our assessment tools.”

Ova summarizes: “Ultimately, we wanted to combine an increase in the quality of our assessment, whilst lowering the cost to the business. Streamlining the range of assessments we use for those roles critical for the business meant that we could have a more workable, single but interconnected assessment model. We wanted one assessment solution for these business-critical roles – and one vendor providing this, and that one vendor is Aon.”

Hear more from Ova:

Learn more about online assessment and the benefits it can have for your business.

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