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Using Hiring Assessment Tools to Predict High Performers

Aon’s hiring assessment tools helped a global telecommunications brand predict high performers, identify potential low performers and assess for critical on-the-job skills. 

About the Brand

  • 250k+ associates
  • 50+ countries

A major global telecommunications company relies on its employees at call centers around the country to provide customers with exceptional service, sales and technical support. More than 175,000 applicants complete assessments for call center roles each year.

The company was looking for a new way to identify top talent for call center roles while reaching a diverse pool of applicants and creating a level playing field for candidates from all backgrounds.

Big Goals for a New Assessment Process

Company leaders wanted to improve the assessment process to find candidates who would succeed in call center roles, while attracting a wide group of potential employees. Leaders were unsatisfied with the existing assessment solution and wanted a more innovative tool. The team's priorities were:

  • Develop a valid, legally defensible assessment process targeting cognitive ability and personality profiles linked to success on the job.
  • Implement a mobile-enabled assessment that can be conveniently accessed on a smartphone or tablet by those without access to a computer.
  • Promote diversity in the applicant pool and avoid adverse impact
  • Create a shorter, engaging candidate experience that aligns with the company's modern brand.

Rethinking Assessment for the Next Generation

When the company started considering a new assessment model, leaders turned to a longtime trusted talent partner: Aon. Aon has proven through years of partnership that its team is committed to finding creative solutions, reaching mutual goals and constantly improving on the status quo. The company was disappointed In its current partner, and wanted a partner that was willing to innovate with them. Aon was able to fulfill all of the company's assessment needs, on a very short, aggressive timeline.

Aon worked with the company to build a custom solution that combines two Aon products:

  • Adaptive Employee Personality Test (ADEPT 15), an award-winning assessment that finds personality types proven to succeed in specific roles.
  • Global Adaptive-Memory Evaluation (G.A.M.E.), a cognitive assessment that evaluates working memory through an engaging, game-like online process.

Additionally, Aon provided its Prelude Keyboard Simulation to assess typing speed and accuracy, skills that are critical for candidates in chat-based roles.

Beyond the initial implementation, Aon worked with the company to do ongoing testing, maintenance, analysis and improvements.

Aon partnered with the company to create a game-like, engaging, highly predictive assessment that is fully mobile-accessible.

The Aon Solution

Aon created an assessment solution for the company using our proven assessment tools, including ADEPT-I5.

ADEPT-15 is a science-based assessment designed to accurately uncover the unique aspects of an individual's personality to help organizations hire, promote and develop the very best talent. It has been proven by over 8 million global administrations, is backed by 50 years of research and is built upon the most current measurement science and technology.

G.A.M.E. is a cognitive assessment that moves the needle on traditional testing. Traditional cognitive tests can be boring, inflexible and unfair. G.A.M.E. is designed to select the highest quality talent, with the highest accuracy, at all levels, In a fun and engaging way. By focusing on working memory, G.A.M.E. diminishes the high levels of adverse impact associated with traditional cognitive tests, resulting in a fairer assessment for all.

Rolling Out a New Assessment Solution

Working on an aggressive timeline, Aon and the company rolled out the new assessment. The assessment is completely visual, without the Imitations of multiple- choice questions, and is customized with the company's branding. Test time was tested so that the assessment can be completed in under 30 minutes. Aon integrated the assessment with the company's ATS to make administration and tracking painless for the company's HR and recruitment staff.

In the first year, the company will give the assessment to more than 175,000 call center applicants.

Unprecedented Results for a Diverse Talent Pool

The new assessment process has demonstrated major ROI across call center roles:

  • Those who received top scores on the Aon assessments are over 200% more likely to be rated as high performers on the job.
  • Those who received low scores on the Aon assessments are more than 68% more likely to be rated as ow performers on the job

One key result was finding no evidence of adverse impact against women or ethnic minorities for any of the pass rates examined.

In addition, combining multiple Aon solutions (C.A.M_E_ and ADEPT-15) created significant incremental validity over using one Of them on its own, supporting the importance of a well-rounded assessment solution.

The addition of C.A.M.E. to ADEPT-15 led to an increased incremental validity of:

  • 300% in product knowledge (up from 40%)
  • 233% in critical thinking (up from 32%)
  • 166% in basic reasoning (service and sales jobs, up from 40%)
  • 133% in valuing quality (technical support jobs)
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