Guidelines for Retesting Job Candidates

August 13, 2019 Aon's Assessment Solutions

Maintaining a Fair and Accurate Assessment Program

Maintaining a fair and accurate assessment programme is critical to the integrity of talent aquisition.

Online psychometric assessment is a fair, valid and cost-effective method for pre-screening job applicants. To prevent candidates from sharing the answers, today's psychometric tests adapt to the candidate's responses. They also feature question items that are randomly generated or randomly chosen from large item banks.

However, since the tests are conducted remotely, it is still possible for a candidate to ask someone else to complete a test for them or with them. Also, they may use auxiliary devices that are not permitted. Therefore, in some situations, to reduce the risk of cheating, it is advisable to retest candidates to substantiate their scores in a supervised environment.

This guide highlights when it is appropriate to retest, what you should retest and how to test. It also shows how to interpret results.

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