Graduate Assessment Factsheet

February 21, 2019 Aon's Assessment Solutions

The Challenge of Today

  • Do you know who your best graduate applicants are?
  • Do you have a good campus recruitment strategy?
  • Are you able to recruit them into your business quickly– before your competitors?
  • Can you identify future leaders, those who are wired for engagement?
  • Does your graduate hiring process support your company brand effectively?

When recruiting your graduate intake, you need to identify the skills and attributes that your organization needs – both now and in the future. The more information you have in the early stages of application, the sooner you can focus on the right people, make decisions and hire them for your business. Even those you do not select still need to take away a great feeling from their dealings with you through the recruitment process.

Speed, efficiency and effectiveness of your assessment is crucial and, with over 12 years of experience working with some of the largest organization across the world, Aon can help you to optimize your assessment process.

Graduates need to have the right abilities in order to be able to take onboard new information, to fit into the business and to have the personality and behaviors to succeed. You can predict all these areas by using one or several assessments from our range of over 30 tools, all suitable for use with graduates.

Read our white paper "Are You Ready for the Digital Future?" to learn more about the future of work.

About the Author

Aon creates smart measurement solutions with valid and innovative online assessment products. Aon is globally the preferred partner for organisations who demand the best.

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