Realistic Job Previews Factsheet

February 21, 2019 Aon's Assessment Solutions

Realistic Job Previews Informing, Engaging and Winning Best-Fit Applicants

Recruitment and hiring is becoming more candidate-centric. It matters to applicants where they work and what the culture is like. That is why more and more companies are adding Realistic Job Previews (RJP) to their hiring process. An RJP has several tangible benefits:

  • Offers potential applicants the opportunity to gain a quick insight into life within a job role or sector so they can make an informed choice whether to apply.
  • Sets a realistic expectation of the job so interested candidates are likely to have a better fit with the company.
  • Influences retention (Barrick & Zimmerman): applicants who have a better understanding of a job tend to stay longer.
  • Saves time and resources by allowing large volumes of candidates to self-assess and decide whether to apply. Case studies show that use of RJPs increases the number of more suitable applicants.
  • Improves the candidate experience and customer loyalty. In many businesses, every potential applicant is also a potential customer. A positive and fun interaction leaves a great impression of your company.

Read our white paper "Talent Wars - The Art of Threading the Candidate Terrain" for more information on recruitment and online assessment.

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