Vodafone Spain Case Study: Engaging the Right Talent

September 16, 2019 Aon's Assessment Solutions

Rebeca Navarro explains how Aon has helped them to enhance their employer brand by incorporating a new game to attract young applicants and engage the right talent - and how they use a talent analytics dashboard to manage their talent pool.

Vodafone Spain gained a 30% reduction in its time-to-hire by re-engineering the recruitment process of its younger, Millennial-aged workforce. With Aon’s Assessment Solutions, it designed the process to include targeted career pages, an online game to engage with applicants and Vodafone-branded assessments, bringing the information together into a real-time analytics dashboard.

Recognizing the value of the skills and knowledge these younger employees offer, Vodafone went on to create the Digital Ninja role to encourage the sharing of technological knowledge across the business.

Learn more about digital readiness and how to assess for it in your organization.

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