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What is smartPredict?

smartPredict is a series of  short and engaging gamified tests that can be used early in the hiring process.

What does it measure?

Each test in the smartPredict challenge series assesses a specific ability. Each smartPredict challenge can be used as a stand-alone test in combination with the others, and also with all other Aon tests. The following tests are available in the gamified smartPredict series:

  • motionChallenge - measures complex planning ability
  • gridChallenge - measures executive attention
  • switchChallenge - measures logical reasoning
  • digitChallenge - measured numeracy

Each test is created by an item generator at run-time. This means that the assessment is different for each test taker, thereby helping to prevent cheating. 

When can it be used?

smartPredict is best suited for high volume recruitment roles and early stage talent roles i.e. school leavers, apprentices, graduates, interns etc.

smartPredict is available in several languages with more available on request.

Please contact us to learn more about how smartPredict can strengthen candidate engagement and differentiate your assessment process from the hiring competition. Visit our website to learn more about gamified assessment




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