Webinar: Accelerating Graduate Development - Early Careers

Recorded during the period of working from home on March 19th, 2020.

On Aon’s UK Early Stage Talent Virtual Forum, Suzanne Courtney from Aon’s Assessment Solutions discusses the emerging talent challenges that organisations face when assessing for their early careers programmes and how Aon’s Assessment Solutions can help them overcome their challenges by implementing a development method early on.

Suzanne shares how to accelerate graduate development by spotting high potential talent early on with Digital Readiness assessment, for succession planning looking at leadership and learnability mindset potential.

She explains how you can use dashboards and reporting to put your new hires on a clear development plan promoting your EVP while also preserving the integrity of the assessment process.

Suzanne discusses the outcomes that this method could achieve and also shares some tips on how to be able to implement the changes.

Are you interested in adapting your assessment processes to spot high potential early? Send us a short note here.

About the Author

Aon creates smart measurement solutions with valid and innovative online assessment products. Aon is globally the preferred partner for organisations who demand the best.

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