Making Better Decisions by Michael Burke

We are in the business of people and risk – that is hugely pertinent right now.

Covid-19 is placing a huge stress on people, organizations and society. The pandemic is raising a really complex challenge: how to unify existing plans, planned changes such as digital transformation now under the pressures of crisis short term revenue drops and cash flows. The scale and depth of the unknown factors is unprecedented.

We are seeing a changing set to guiderails, of what is acceptable and normal. We need to think about people in the workforce differently. Some organizations are actually going further. Rather than trying to ‘get back to normal’ – they are seeing an opportunity. An opportunity to take a pause, to consider how to solve multiple agendas. Whilst aligning the needs today with needs of tomorrow.

At Aon we see this as a perishable opportunity. We have a lot of insight, thinking and tools to take a big fragmented challenge and break it down into manageable chunks. We can help organizations act quickly, now. We can give you the confidence to make the necessary decisions, translate them into concrete action and drive change now. Contact us now!

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