What if... People Don't Return to Work?

May 14, 2020 Peter Bentley

Firms are now carrying out their return-to-work planning and are seeing this recent test of agility and resilience as an opportunity to accelerate workforce change.

What if not everyone returns to the office to work?  
Could this save money?
Could we build employee value at the same time as economic value?

Does your workforce has the talent DNA for the digital future? Get more insights here.

About the Author

Peter Bentley

Peter Bentley is the global commercial officer with Aon’s Human Capital Solutions practice and focuses on building workforce agility. Peter has worked with firms on their approach to client strategy, distribution and how they leverage digital solutions to empower their workforce for the future. He has developed and built a number of data / digital platforms aimed at augmenting workflow, aiding decision making and transforming client engagement.

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