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Using Predictive Analytics to Reduce Assessment Costs by 30%

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3 C A S E S T U D Y | A M E R I C A ' S L E A D I N G B R E W I N G C O M P A N Y This project resulted in actionable hiring insights and tangible ROI for the company: • 15,000 candidates have taken assessments to date • Assessments to date have 30% reduction in testing costs • Reduced time of HR spend in scheduling Aon Solution The Aon team conducted a thorough skills-based job analysis of more than 350 current employees in key positions and identified the most important aptitudes and skills that were required for six key job groupings. After a robust fact-finding and discussion phase, the company opted for a unique approach – a custom simulation-based system that would leverage computer-adapted testing (CAT) technology. Based on the skill requirements, assessments for each grouping were recommended, tested, and validated to demonstrate measurable business impact and ROI. Then, the validated assessments were embedded within custom simulations to provide an engaging, realistic, branded, and streamlined candidate experience – all while measuring the applicant aptitude and skills important for success in the position. The simulations used Aon's cutting-edge immersive Prelude™ platform, taking candidates through a series of realistic scenarios and challenges designed to reflect the actual work environment. Aon Solution Results Over 15,000 candidates have taken the assessment to date and it has resulted in a 30 percent reduction in testing costs while improving quality of hire. Candidates can take the assessment online at their own time, which has significantly reduced the amount of time HR spends scheduling the assessment.

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