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Why Should I Care about Engaging Employees? e Future of Your Company Depends on It Disengagement Comes With a Cost What are Common Obstacles? Without Engagement, Your Brand is at Risk TURNOVER Senior leaders don't take ownship of the engagement agenda Talent, Rewards & Performance ALL SOURCES: AON CLIENT DATA POOR QUALITY Employees can create incredible value…but they need to be engaged first. Disengaged employees are more likely to leave, steal from the company, risk quality and cyber security, cause accidents, leak important data, and file Workers' Compensation lawsuits. Common barriers to adopting an eective engagement practice are: Speed, rate and complexity can make information obsolete and action dicult more quality defects occur at disengaged facilities more likely for formerly engaged employees to leave SAFETY COSTS COMPLEXITY LEADER OWNERSHIP LIMITED CAPABILITY likelihood for disengaged teams to have safety incidents 2x 2x 4x Managers lack time, skills or enablement to take eective action

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